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Beijing Biotechina Environment Corp., Ltd.

Beijing Biotechina Environment Corp., Ltd.Foundedin 2001, Beijing Biotechina Environment Corp., Ltd. is a technical companyregistered in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park with its registeredcapital of RMB 35 million. Being one of the National High-tech enterprises andone of the Zhongguancun key government-fostering enterprises, on June 8th,2010, the company went listing at Zhongguancun New Three Boards (stock code:430068, stock abbreviation: Biotechina Environment ). Based on petroleum,chemical as well as municipal industries, the company has been fully engaged inmaking breakthroughs to solve technical problems in environmental protectiondomains, providing integrated solutions to environmental issues. Centering onits self-developed technologies, such as catalytic wet oxidation(CWO) process ,industrial wastewater zero liquid discharge(ZLD) process, oily sludge treatmentprocess, a comprehensive and integrated service system, ranging fromengineering design, technology research and development, project consulting, projectconstruction, system integration to operation management, has been built up,thus enabling us to provide our customers with a one-stop service featured by environmentalfriendliness, intensivism as well as professionalism.

Adheringto the idea of Ecology, Responsibilityand Innovation, Biotechina Environment shoulders social responsibilitiesand honors missions of the age. Along the road of supporting strategies of harmoniouscoexistence of energy-chemical enterprises and ecological environment,construction of ecological civilization as well as achievement of sustainabledevelopment, Biotechina Environment constantly innovates and plants hopes,striving for establishing a beautiful homeland. With technological innovationas its core competitiveness, Biotechina Environment has long been committed toresearch and development of water resources utilization technologies and watertreatment technologies. So far, the company holds more than 20 patents, and isthe complete proprietary intellectual property rights owner of catalytic wetoxidation (CWO) process, industrial wastewater zero liquid discharge(ZLD)process and oily sludge treatment process. Biotechina Environment overcomes technicalproblems in treating high concentrated organic wastewater and oily sludge, havingachieved volume reduction, hazard-free disposal as well as resource recycling. Thecompany makes new breakthroughs in environmental protection areas, ensuring safeoperation of enterprises in both energy and chemical industries. Among itstechnologies, Biotechina Environment’s oily sludge treatment technology getssupports from the National Innovation Fund. Meanwhile, Biotechina Environmentenhances its cooperation with enterprises and universities both in China andabroad in terms of Production, Studyingand Research, pushing forward the company’s development and application oftechnological achievements, enlarging its technological leading-edge as well asdriving up its enterprise value.

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