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Sludge Low-temperature Dryer

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Technology overview


Under a severe sludge treatmentand disposal situation in China, Biotechina, under the leadership of Dr. LiGuowen, after years of exploration and innovation, has mastered the coretechnology of Sludge Low-temperature Drying Process and been granted theInvention Patent No. 201310556663.7(a System and Process for SludgeLow-temperature Drying Treatment). The innovative sludge ultra-low temperaturedrying machine of Biotechina, by fully absorbing the essence of foreignadvanced equipment and also by innovating and making breakthroughs based onBiotechina’s years’ scientific achievements as well as its  rich engineering experiences of 18 years, has6, among others, major advantages, ie. advancedness, safety, reliability, high degreeof systematic level, high degree of equipment integration level and reasonablespace arrangement. Biotechina’s ultra-low temperature drying machine completelysolves the technical defects (high energy consumption, low efficiency, odoremission, flying dust, large footprint, low equipment integration level)in thecourse of drying treatment by conventional technical approaches, represents themost advanced application trend in sludge drying and volume reduction domain, andachieves features such as adjustable water content in the discharged mud(watercontent in the dry mud is below 10%), odorless emission(under the lowtemperature condition, organics in sludges don’t decompose), high degree ofintegration level(double-layer per ton water only covers an area of  1.33㎡), highly optimizedsystem(unattended operation, effectively lowering down labor cost), safety andreliability(no organics being decomposed, no flying dust), high energyefficiency ratio(fully enclosed, no heat loss), high durability(Everycomponents of Biotechina’s low temperature drying machine are given fullyconsideration of corrosion resistance, stability and applicability). Corecomponents of Biotechina’s low temperature drying machine are all adopting theinternationally renowned first-class brands, such as GEA、SIEMENS、Schneider、NORD、SEW, etc., ensuring a higher quality of the equipment.

Biotechina’slow temperature drying technology is a treatment technology for drying sludgesby circulating dry and hot air within the system, and the dry and hot air are generatedby the system itself. This technology, by combining the advantages of both heatpump technology and belt drying technology, has a high processing efficiency,low operating temperature, no such risks as dust or explosion, and no secondarypollution of noise or odor. Investment for this equipment is moderate,perfectly meeting municipal sludges’ drying needs.


Wetsludge, after being extruded and squeezed into molding through moulding machine(noodlemachine or crusher), is introduced into low temperature drying equipment, inwhich a sludge distributor is equipped to distribute sludge evenly on theconveyance belt. While sludge is moving on the belt, the flowing air providedby the circulating fan takes away moisture, thus eventually achieving a drysludge discharge; moisture entrained by the air is condensed at the condenserand discharged out of the system, and the condensed and dewatered air is heatedup by the heater to re-enter sludge, thus circulating in sequence; coolingagent is compressed by the compressor after the cooling unit swells due to heatabsorption, the absorbed heat is released in the heater and the excess heat is removedthrough heat radiator, the cooling agent is again recycled to the condenser.Heat radiator can enhance its heat dissipation performance through either air coolingor water cooling.


u Durability, long service life;

u Easy to operate, fully automatic or in a variety of otherways;

u High efficiency and energy saving;

u Safe, no explosion risks

u Ultra-high air tightness, environment friendliness, nomalodorous gas leakage;

u Small footprint, easy installation.

Application fields

Biotechina’s ultra-low temperature drying machine hasa wide range of application fields, such as municipal sludge volume reductiontreatment, industrial sludge volume reduction treatment, etc.

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