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ZLD?-WL Wastewater Zero Discharge System

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ZLD?-WLwastewater zero discharge system, a wastewater treatment technologyindependently developed by Biotechina, is designed for the treatment and reuseof high-salt wastewater. The technology is an innovation of the zero dischargetechnology. Adhering to such concepts as water quality optimization, wastewatervolume reduction, anti-scaling treatment and classified recovery, the systemcreates a new way for zero discharge of salty wastewater, which has brokenthrough many problems encountered by other zero discharge processes such aslarge evaporation amount, low recycling quality, unstable operation and highoperating cost.    

Wastewateris sequentially passed through REIH pretreatment unit, HTRO membraneconcentration unit and AOEV evaporative crystallization unit to graduallyrealize the resources recycling, volume reduction and hazard-free treatment of wastewater,while the sludge produced during the pretreatment process, is disposed by SLDW sludge treatment unit.


?  Having a proprietarykey process and technology

?  Customized processbased on wastewater quality

?  While achievingresources recycling, volume reduction and hazard-free treatment, zero dischargeof wastewater is truly realizable;

?  An organic combinationof mature, highly efficient and stable operating processes

?  Good water quality ofrecovered water with a high recovery rate;

?  Classified recovery ofsalts, salts meet industrial product requirements, thereby improving water treatmentbenefits

?  Part of the chemicalshave realized self-sufficiency, reducing operating cost

?  Obvious advantages in investment,operation and management.


Suitablefor zero discharge treatment of municipal wastewater, coal chemical industrywastewater, industrial park wastewater as well as in such industries as food,metallurgy and pharmacy.

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