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Low temperature evaporation crystallization technology

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Thetechnology, utilizing the characteristics of different saturated moisturecontents of air at different temperatures (20-70),establishes a heat and mass transfer relationship between air and water throughdirect contact between hot water and air and also through the pressure changeson both sides of the gas-liquid interface, thus realizing processes such as gaswarming up and humidification, water evaporation, concentration and crystallization.At the same time, a reverse operation is performed on the humidified saturatedhumid air, from which a purified condensate is obtained.  

Thesystem is composed of four circulations: wastewater circulation, condensatecirculation, air circulation and energy circulation. The whole system works atlow temperature(40℃~70)and normal pressure, producing salts and condensed water. The condensed wateris of excellent quality and can act as high grade reuse water. At the sametime, energy lost by wastewater evaporation is recovered, which, afterimproving its potential energy, is used to heat wastewater. Thus, energy recyclingis realized.  


?Low workingtemperature, and low quality requirements for feeding water

?The condensed water isof excellent quality and can act as high grade reuse water.

?A feasible way forwastewater zero discharge

?Synchronousvaporizing, temperature-reducing vaporizing, condensing and crystalizing

?Materials are of widechoices and non-metallic materials can be adopted

?Brine concentration iscontrollable and determined by the ultimate purpose

   ?Electricity, vapor andexcess heat, etc. , they all can be utilized as energy; easy operation andmanagement; automatic and remote control are achievable


Suitablefor zero discharge treatment of highly difficult and complicated wastewater, suchas desulfurization wastewater, temporary storage pool wastewater, evaporationpond wastewater.

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