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Organic Solid Wastes Recycling Processes

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Thecore technologies in organic solid(hazardous) wastes recycling arena are asfollows:

1)Highly effective thermal desorptiontechnology: using the principle that organics can be vaporized and pyrolyzed byheat, wastes are indirectly heated to target temperatures at which organics inthe wastes are vaporized, pyrolyzed and separated from solids. The solidresidues can meet non-hazardous requirements, and organics are converted intohigh value-added fuel gas and oil. This technology, belonging to environmentprotection technology application field, has already been applied toengineering in the fields of oily sludge non-hazardous treatment and recycling,which can solve existing technical problems in China and abroad concerningincomplete volume reduction of oily sludges, secondary pollution during thecourse of processing, low degree of recycling, severe oily sludge clogging inthermal desorption furnace, etc.

2)Organic wastes gasificationtechnology: gasification refers to the process of converting organics in fuelmaterials (including coal, sludge, biomass, garbage, etc.) into fuel gas by usinggasifying agents(air or oxygen-rich gas) to thermo chemically process fuelmaterials under a certain temperature and pressure. The physicochemical propertiesof organic wastes are of a high content of organic and volatile components, andof high gasification reactivity. The fluidized-bed gasification technology, amatured technology applied in coal chemical industry, has been adjusted andimproved to be utilized in the fields of organic wastes treatment andreclamation. The whole process happens in a closed, high temperature andoxygen-deficient combustion system, where organics in the organic wastes arecompletely broken down into small-molecular hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxideand other flammable gases. While achieving resources recycling, the technologyalso prevents the generation of hazardous and air-polluting substances such asdioxin, nitrogen oxides; and meanwhile, various pathogenic microorganisms andviruses in the wastes are also completely destroyed at high temperatures.


1、In the course of sludge disposal, energyis used highly efficiently and cleanly, cracking the sludge disposal dilemma ofhigh investment and low output.

2、Organics in oily sludges are convertedinto water, oil, fuel gas; the volume of inorganic components is reduced andthe inorganic components turn hazard-free. Environment governance and resourcesrecycling are simultaneously achieved.

3、Solving industrial waste salts hazard-freeand recycling problems

4、Theapplication of this technology can also be extended to processing cuttingliquids and filtered residues, recycling waste and old tires, soil remediation,farmed animal manure non-hazardous treatment, etc.

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