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Oily Sludge Volume Reduction Treatment

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Oily sludge treatment vehicle, imported from theUS in a sealed original package, is an equipment mainly used for volumereduction treatment of oily sludge. Aiming at tank areas in gathering andtransportation stations, oily sludge storage pools and tanks, the equipment canconduct washing, collecting, separating, and other operations to achieve volumereduction. After treatment, oily sludges can be reduced to three-phases’substances of slag, water and soil.



1、Treatment capacity:15t/h.

2、Three-phase separation:

Solidcontent in mud phase: >45%wt, oil content: 2%-5%wt

Oilcontent in oil phase: >97%wt

Oilcontent in water phase: 2%wt

3、  Recovery rate of crude oil: 90%wt

4、  Vehicle Footprint: 12mLX2.5mWX4mH

5、  Vehicle weight: 26tons, 2vehicles

6、  Self-equipped engines, dieselpowered

7、  Oily sludge thermal washingtemperature: 70-85

8、  Overall explosion-proof system,hazard warning;

9、  Whole hydraulic pressurecontrol, safe and reliable

10、Self-equipped accessories:delivery line, tank-washing nozzle

11、Other supporting units:chemicals-adding unit, air-flotation unit


1、  The system of oily sludgevehicle, which is of an overall explosion-proof design and of hydrauliccontrol, can directly enter into tank areas or places near oily sludge pools.

2、  The vehicle-mounted system canmove flexibly, enter or exit sites at any time and be used for emergencytreatment.

3、   Highlyautomatic, and the standard shift is of 5 people.

4、   Automaticcleaning of tank bottom sludge and oily sludge pools, both efficiency andsafety guarantee are improved.

5、  Low treatment cost, capable ofrecovering a large amount of crude oil; no need of fixed stations, savinginvestment.

Application fields

The equipment can be applied in a wide range of fields and are mainlyused for volume reduction treatment of oily sludge of storage tanks and oilysludge pools. These tanks and pools are from oil extraction plants, oilrefineries, petrol stations, etc. in petroleum and petrochemical industries.

Moreover, other fields in which the equipment can be appliedinclude food, medicine, biology, grease, etc, as well as those oily sludges andoily scums produced in production processes.

Site Installation

Centrifuge Discharging

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